Friday, October 30, 2015

The Clown - Part 2

We took the little guy out for dinner tonight. Tomorrow he turns seventeen. I think it must be awesome to have a birthday on Halloween. And perfect for the occasion, our waiter was dressed as a zombie. I'm not sure a zombie is the most appetizing thing to have serving you food, but we sure dug it!

I continued working on this painting. It's such a fun piece! I'm loving all the colors and shapes.

I painted the left side of her face as well as
her eyes and some more of her hair.

Ah, now she's coming alive! I love what painting
the eyes will do. I also painted her eyelids,
more of her hair, and a bit more of her hat.
I'm loving making her asymmetrical!

Next her eyebrows, upper lip,
and the beginning of her collar.
I also decided I didn't want the clown collar.

I painted her lower lip and continued
working on her striped outfit.
She personifies fun and whimsy!

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  1. Love how your clown is coming along!
    How cool for your son to have a Halloween birthday! He probably has memories of some very unusual celebrations.

    1. He does! Our sweet little spook. :-) And thanks...I'm enjoying working on her!