Friday, October 2, 2015

Sad Clown - Part 2

I seem to lack self control. Even though I've been told to not over-use my right arm (post surgery). I can't seem to help myself. And making it doubly hard, parts of my arm are still numb so I don't get immediate feedback if I'm causing a problem. My solution? I made a wacky bracelet out of t-shirt scraps (I had a bunch left over from the t-shirt up cycling I did right after my surgery) to remind myself to "STOP OVER-USING THIS ARM!" T-shirt scraps speak in all upper case, of course. I'm pretty sure I did better today thanks to my goofy bracelet, I hope so anyway.

I feel like I should be like Bart Simpson and write, "I WILL NOT OVER-USE MY RIGHT ARM" fifty times on the blackboard.

But, in spite of my arm having been over-used, I still had to paint just a bit. Here's how my "Sad Clown" is coming along.

I added another layer of white.

I added flesh tones, some basic facial features with
watered down black paint, the basic color of his
clown outfit, and his hair.
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1 comment:

  1. Aw, yeah, your clown is coming along. And I bet you get a few interested "looks" if you wear that bracelet in public.