Monday, October 5, 2015

Sad Clown - Part 5

I'm not a cougar, though I'm certainly old enough to be one. But don't worry, I've apparently found the perfect way to compensate for that. This morning I was driving my kid to school. I ended up behind a couple of guys on bicycles. They were weaving back and forth right in front of me. I just slowed way down and patiently cruised behind them. And in spite of the fact that my headlights were illuminating them (the sun was just beginning to rise), they seemed clueless about my presence...until one of them turned around, saw us, and fell in line behind his cycling buddy.

As we passed them we heard, "Prius stalking like a cougar."

Guess my car is pretty quiet.

I finished my sad clown painting. There is something so special and wonderful about painting my children. Precious moments in time, precious memories, precious boys. Here is my finished painting and the last couple of stages are below.

"Sad Clown"
I worked on his skin tone, his hair, and his costume.

I changed the shape of his head, added more
details to the background, and finished his
costume by adding more colors and shadows.
All that was left was to add shadows and
paint the edges of the canvas.
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