Monday, October 19, 2015

Stepping into Frida's Mind - Part 3

I was sooooooo excited yesterday. I got a set of steak knives for FREE from a grocery story I shop at. (Ironic, I know, since I don't eat meat.) I've been collecting stamps every time I make a purchase and I finally had enough stamps in my booklet to trade them in for the knives. It reminded me of being in charge of sticking all those Green Stamps in the booklets when I was a kid. I think my parents were onto something making their kid lick all that nasty gum on the back of the stamps and making me feel ever so special at the same time.

Well, what I realized after I got home with my FREE knives is that said knives actually cost me $700 in groceries. I seriously earned those knives! And you know what? I'm already saving stickers again because I totally want some kitchen shears. And they'll only cost me $300 in groceries!

...ah, the sweet anticipation.....

I continued working on my Frida painting. To me she's looking like a young Frida. I need to work on her a bit to allow the truth of her pain and life experience to shine through. That will be an emotional process and I'm looking forward to it.

I painted her hair black and worked
 on her eyes and eyebrows. I also
darkened the shadow by her dress
and outlined her neck and shoulders.

I added a layer of skin color which lightened
the shadow by her shirt. I also gave her
eyes a bit of sparkle.

More darkening of her skin.

I did the first layer of paintin the leaves.
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  1. What a story behind that woman's life. You captured that look. When I think of her, though, I always picture Salma Hayek.
    Green stamps? I remember those - that's how I got my first piece of luggage!

    1. I loved going to the Green Stamps store. It was the land of cheap dreams come true. :-)