Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sad Clown - Part 4

I was reminded of a flavorful love from my childhood today. Dave and I were at Trader Joe's and I saw a bag of "GIANT Peruvian Inca Corn". Basically, big freakin' corn nuts. I loved corn nuts as a kid. Loved them! When I took treks to the convenience store located a few blocks from my childhood home, I'd get a bag of corn nuts and one of those flaky chocolate pudding pies. Mmmmmmmmm...sweet and salty! I'm not really a sweets person any more, but boy, oh, boy, did I have a good time eating that GIANT corn today. This could be a problem....

I worked on my sad clown painting a lot today. It was a two steps forward, one step backward kind of day, but that's the best kind when it comes to painting.

I worked on the skin tone and added
green bric-a-brac to the sleeves.
I added some shadows to the collar, defined
the legs/feet, adjusted the shape of the face,
and added some shadows to the costume.

I worked a bit more on the facial tone,
added color to the hair, made the eyes a
bit smaller, and started working on the
window sill. I also got rid of the green
bric-a-brac and lengthened the left sleeve.

I decided there was no way to fix the face
as it currently went, so off went the eyes/nose.

And back on with some skin tone. I also
adjusted the shape of the lips.

I added tone to the eyes, face, hair, and costume.
I also added some elements to the background
and started working on the window sill. What's
lovely is that the window to the left of the painting
is the same window my big guy was sitting in front
of in the photograph. The real window is open
right now because it's a lovely day in Austin, TX.

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  1. Two steps forward and one step back - that must be contagious. Anyway, love the progress on your sweet clown.

    1. Thank you! Good to know I'm not alone. :-) I was determined to finish it yesterday...and I did! This one was a lovely struggle to paint. I don't think the likeness to my son is anywhere near precise, but I'm fond of it and it reminds me of the young him so much. And he liked it!