Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Clown - Part 3

My little guy turned seventeen today. I think that this actually means that this is his 18th Halloween. And I can see that he's transitioning into an adult because this is the first Halloween that he hasn't dressed up and gone trick-or-treating. But don't worry too much, he did dress up as an astronaut yesterday at school.

Happy Birthday, little guy! It's an honor, a privilege, and such an incredible joy to be your mom!!!

I continued working on this painting just a bit in between all the busyness that this day has held.

I repainted half of her face a different flesh tone.
I also painted the big white stripe on her shirt
and the smaller white bits on her hat.

I started doing some of the line work on her face
and hat. It's really bringing her to life!
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