Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Many Layers of Frida - Part 1

I received a tutorial in my email a couple of days ago. It was a taste of a year-long class I'm strongly considering taking next year. The tutorial is for a collage and painting piece. After doing my Van Gogh and Kahlo paintings I felt I was up for a bit of a break. But what did I end up deciding to use as my focus? Yup, Frida Kahlo. As I was going through images I found flowers that reminded me of her. I found a fence that made me think of her spine. Even the flowers in some of Van Gogh's paintings reminded me of her as she wore them so beautifully in her hair. So, Frida it is. I hope to make this more of a whimsical piece than my last one. I understand that Frida had a wicked sense of humor and loved to laugh. That's what I want to portray. I'm super excited!

Here's my start. I got the collaging done and I'm hopeful that the next thing on the tutorial is painting...we'll see!

Note: I'm using other artists and photographers' work, but it is only for inspiration as I will be painting over all of it.

A canvas I'd dripped with leftover paint from a
previous painting called out to me. Yes, it said,
"Pick me! Pick me! Paint me! Paint me!"
I found a number of pieces to compose my
collage. Some from the web and some from a
1963 plant encyclopedia I'd gotten several years
ago to use for just such projects.

I lay the pieces out on the canvas. I love the
gathering of Van Gogh, Kahlo, Matisse, and
lovely garden photos.

I used matte medium to stick it to a canvas.
It's on my easel and ready for the next step!!!
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  1. How creative! Looks like you might have a video in your future...

    1. That's actually a goal of mine. My husband has done some time lapse videos of me working, but I'd love to do a mini-lesson type of video someday. Thanks for the encouragement!!!