Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sylvette, Six Decades Later - Part 2

I'm feeling very clever. At our house there's always a battle to get to the cold fizzy waters in the fridge first. Everyone wants to drink them, but no one wants to put new ones in when we're running low. No one except for me, that is. Well I love a fizzy water as much as everyone else, and I've come up with a fabulous solution. There are a couple of "odd" flavors that the rest of the family simply don't like (they're lemon or lime purists). So if I stock some flavors such as "peach pear" or "mango" I'm always sure to have a fizzy water available. Yup, feeling mighty clever...and hydrated!

I continued working on this painting. I'm loving the geometric nature of this piece.

I added a tint to the background. I also painted
the chair green. Now I'd never have known that
it was a "chair" so I'm super glad that was part
of the lesson. 

I realized that I should have left her hair white.
Part of Picasso's painting is scratching through
black/gray paint in order to reveal the white
underneath. So I painted over her hair so
I'd have that color underneath to work with.

I used a fingernail tool to scratch into the black
I'd painted over the white. This was FUN!
I also began darkening parts of the background.

I continued darkening the background and
added some yellow splotches as well.

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