Friday, October 23, 2015

The Many Layers of Frida - Part 3

Our silly big cat, Pug, has been unfaithful. Yes, he's been seeing other neighbors. Not in his usual way where he walks up to people strolling down the street and begs to be petted. Nope. He's been sleeping on a neighbor's porch and begging for their love, attention, and food.

Lucky for us they're friends of ours and they came over to make sure all was well here and let us know about our sweet big boy. My theory? Pug is mad at us because we've been keeping him and Tommy locked in at night to protect them from the roaming coyotes. Can't exactly explain that to Pug, so he's made himself comfortable elsewhere. "That'll show 'em!"

Tonight I had my little guy go retrieve Pug from our neighbor's porch and when they arrived I gave Pug canned cat food. Yes, my plan is to spoil him rotten to compensate for the nightly lock-ins. And maybe, just maybe, he'll get back to his old faithful self.

I continued working on my Frida collage. My goodness this is thought provoking and wonderful! I love that it's got a self portrait vibe with a fabulous Frida twist.

I added white to parts of the canvas and
then I spread it thin with the edge of
a small piece of watercolor paper.

I decided I wanted her neck thinner. Frida
portrayed herself with a long thin neck
and I wanted to emulate that. I also added
a crown of flowers in her hair and added
white accents to her hair.

After I'd taken some of the brightness away
with the white I decided I wanted some
brightness back. I also embellished the cape
with a heart as I thought when it's exposed
on the outside it shows vulnerability.
I gave her buttons connected by cord
that echoed Frida's spine.

The thorned vines are both protection
and clear boundaries. They show an exterior
that is hard to penetrate, but it is decorated
perhaps to show a softening of the edges,
perhaps to honor the purpose of the vines.

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  1. Lovely commentary . Your painting is looking pretty good!!