Sunday, October 25, 2015

I Picassoed Myself

I got carded this morning. Not for alcohol or anything like that. I haven't had a drink in many, many years. No, it was for cough drops. What on earth are people making out of cough drops these days? I'm so blissfully ignorant. But back to me being carded. Hooray! Being carded at forty-eight can only be a good thing (and it was purely for my age as they did not document my ID in any way other than confirming my date of birth). So, again, I say, "Hooray!"

I worked on a "warm-up" project for a course I'm taking. We're just starting to study Picasso. And gosh, is "Picassoed" even a word? If it wasn't, it is now.

I printed an old photo of myself...check out that hair!
I cut it in a Picasso like profile, found other paper
out of a book I have, and created a collage.

I glued all the pieces down and realized that I
needed something to represent my hair, so
I added a couple more pieces from the book.

I used a black marker to outline the parts of
the figure (me). I also added a little color to
the cheek and the mouth. I likely shouldn't
have used a toothy grin shot. Ah, well.
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  1. Great warm up project! And congrats on being carded! I can't even remember being 48...

    1. You are so funny! Can you tell I'm catching up on my posts? I assumed you were about my age.

  2. Thanks for the link above to Jeanne Oliver's network. I'll dive in tonight. Appreciate it, Kali.