Sunday, October 18, 2015

Stepping into Frida's Mind - Part 2

I've had new glasses for a couple of weeks now. And get this...not one person has noticed. I guess they're a lot like my old ones. When I was choosing them I suppose change must've seemed scary. Anyway, I took them in today to get them adjusted. They weren't being very kind to the top of my ears. The very nice glasses lady took them, sat down to work with them, and SNAP! Yup, they broke.

Me: "No problem. I can go all dork style and wear them with tape holding them together."

She didn't let me do that, of course, though the prospect had my inner geek a little excited, I must admit. She found another pair that my lenses fit in pretty well and off I went...more hip than dorky, unfortunately.

I continued working on this painting. I'm really enjoying the process with this one.

I started working on some flesh tones. The
original painting seems to have a yellowish
tint to her skin so I'm leaning that direction,
but perhaps I went a bit too yellow. It's just the
first layer. I decided I didn't like her right eye
so I got rid of it. 

After reworking the right eye I decided that I
didn't like either eye. Off they went!

I redid the eyes and I think I'm getting closer,
though don't be surprised if they go again. I
worked a bit on her face,a shadow by her
shirt, the hairline behind her ear, and her eyebrows.
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