Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Sylvette, Six Decades Later - Part 3

It's an episode of "How the Hen House Turns"....

My big guy discovered that part of the fencing that keeps our chickens in their part of the back yard had fallen down. And sure enough, our chickens were where they weren't supposed to be. Those rascally girls have had a bad habit of going under our shed and laying eggs way out of our reach. Not cool, ladies. And Dave and I have definitely noticed an egg shortage lately. So now we have to decide how badly we want to get those eggs if they're under the shed, if they're even edible after having been outside for several days, who is going to take one for the team and get all dirty for the retrieval, and, most importantly, if it's even worth it to avoid the likely stank that will ensue come the warm months if they're left as is.

Stay tuned.....

And I completed this painting. This was so much fun! When I first looked at it I thought it'd be "easier" than painting a realistic face. Well, it had it own level of trickiness, too. The thing is, everything is just made up of shapes. And if you break them down by individual shapes it's much more approachable. The shapes with this one were extra fun and, well, super "shape"ly!

"Sylvette, Six Decades Later"

I had done the criss cross marks on the "chair"
but then I decided that I didn't like the color
of green I'd mixed so I redid it.

I added a lot of details to her face
and a bit to her jacket.

I added a lot of highlighting marks throughout.

I added additional strokes to her ponytail.
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  1. You did it again! Hate to see your Studying Under the Masters class end - love these paintings!!

    1. I'm just in the middle of the class. I'm self paced as the class actually happened a while back but I paid to take it after the fact. I'm learning so much even without the critiquing. Looking so forward to starting the Life Book series in January!!!