Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Clown - Part 1

I know you've been just sitting on the edge of your seats waiting for the next episode of "How the Hen House Turns". Don't even bother denying it. Well, yours truly was the one who ended up looking under the shed. Did I go and get all dirty? While I'm not opposed to getting dirty, I did not. I went out in the back yard with one of our funky blankets, lay it on the ground by the shed, got on top of it, and shined my flashlight under the shed. All this while a construction workers a house away had me in clear view.

Yes, I'm the crazy lady who lays on a blanket in her back yard. eggs. Not a single one. I officially tag Dave as "it" for the next egg quest.

I started a new painting. It's going to be Picasso-esque. I decided to paint a clown as it would lend itself to whimsy. So, here goes!

I sketched my design on a canvas.

I started adding some color.
Note that fun Picasso-esque face emerging.
Excited to do more tomorrow and over the weekend.
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  1. Love whimsical clowns (no creepy clowns allowed).

    "How the Hen House Turns" - sounds like a children's book written and illustrated by Kali!

  2. I do have picture book writing dreams. I actually have several manuscripts, one that I've done the illustrations for...and, yes, it stars a chicken. :-)